How a Canadian Fashion Icon Provided Insights for Global Marketers in any Industry

A man walks down the street and sees two fifty-dollar bills lying on the sidewalk. He pauses, thinks for a moment, looks around and sees nobody, and finally picks-up one of the bills and merrily continues along this path. Now to most people, this would seem to be an absurd decision. Why would anyone leave […]

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Social Innovation – Many Ways Forward

Yesterday I attended the Panel Discussion through the Ryerson MBA at the Ted Rogers School of Management with incredible speakers on the subject of Social Innovation. The event was moderated by Susan Pigott from Ashoka Canada. This topic always gets me thinking in new and exciting ways and I found the session engaging and insightful. […]

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Innovation: Get Paid to be a Pain in the A**

Innovation sounds cool, doesn’t it? It’s actually quite uncomfortable. It is just another word for change after all; albeit, with a positive connotation. Change needs to be managed. Could you imagine if one day everyone in Canada started driving on the left side of the road? It wouldn’t happen. Not before all the announcements and […]

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Measuring the Performance of Toronto’s Business Incubators

The Challenge Canada’s middleclass is in grave danger. The growth of service related employment is outpacing the growth of manufacturing employment (Bernard, 2009). Manufacturing jobs, typically known for paying well and having fewer required skills, are being replaced primarily by low paying service sector jobs (MacLachlan & Sawada, 1997), often referred to as McJobs.  With […]

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What’s The Difference Between Loyalty Programs and Gamification?

Whenever I start talking about gamification, one of the first questions that I get asked is this: how is it different from loyalty programs? As part of my MBA in the Management of Technology and Innovation at Ryerson University, I was tasked with writing a major research paper on a business topic of my choosing. […]

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