Ryerson MBA students value CSR and business ethics

By Andra Popescu The idea of the Ryerson MBA Oath first started as a discussion in the MBA-MTI Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility class on December 2nd, 2010.  A group of 30 students, led by Shane Saunderson, the President of the MBA Student Association at the time, began discussing the motivation behind such an oath […]

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Ryerson University – Canada’s Entrepreneurial Stronghold

By Paul Connor Entrepreneurship is critical to the Canadian economy.  Canadians are excellent inventors, driven by the challenges of distance, environment, and resource extraction industries to create home-grown solutions where large corporations cannot. The diverse list of Canadians’ inventions, from peanut butter to walkie-talkies to standard time, always surprises people who don’t know Canada.  But […]

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Reflections from my Doctoral Research Journey

By Dr. Ken Grant In common with several other mid-career academics at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM), I have been doing my doctorate part-time (at Henley Business School in the United Kingdom), while working at TRSM and, happily (and to my wife’s great relief), I have now been awarded my Doctorate of Business […]

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Looking Back, looking Forward, has my research made a difference? Will it?

By Dr. Kim Bates What constitutes great research in management? How do we measure the impact of research?  These questions plague policy makers, academics and practicing managers.  I write this from a research group meeting in Seville, Spain. I’m meeting with team leaders representing teams from 20 countries.   We began in 1988 with 5 researchers […]

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My Summer as a Fake Consultant

Here’s a riddle for you: how do you turn an engineer into a management consultant? Sadly, there’s no witty one-liner here, but I’ll try to keep my year and a half journey entertaining. I was a gear-head through and through: a farm-boy turned mechanical engineer who built robots for a living and was addicted to […]

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