Looking Back, looking Forward, has my research made a difference? Will it?

By Dr. Kim Bates What constitutes great research in management? How do we measure the impact of research?  These questions plague policy makers, academics and practicing managers.  I write this from a research group meeting in Seville, Spain. I’m meeting with team leaders representing teams from 20 countries.   We began in 1988 with 5 researchers […]

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My Summer as a Fake Consultant

Here’s a riddle for you: how do you turn an engineer into a management consultant? Sadly, there’s no witty one-liner here, but I’ll try to keep my year and a half journey entertaining. I was a gear-head through and through: a farm-boy turned mechanical engineer who built robots for a living and was addicted to […]

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Which MBA?

Murtaza Haider, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs Over 250,000 individuals are pursuing MBA degrees today. Another million-plus are pursuing undergraduate degrees in commerce. At the same time, millions more with similar academic credentials are already active in the job market. What was once a small, coveted group of highly qualified managers has […]

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